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 Guatemalan Statistics* 
Population: 13.55 million (almost � live in the Guatemala City area) and growing an average of 2% annually. Nearly 60% are Ladino (descend from a mix of Spanish/Maya, but relate to their Spanish heritage) and 40% are Maya, composed of some 28 indigenous groups.
Square Miles
: 42,042 or about the size of Tennessee

Land: Two-thirds mountainous with 32 volcanoes. Rich forests cover 40%, especially in the Peten region.

Climate: Eastern-central is hot and dry. Coastal lowlands are hot and humid. The highlands have warm days and cool nights. The average temperature in Guatemala City is 75 degrees Fahrenheit.

Language: Spanish is the official language, but their are 28 separate Maya languages.

Religion: About 50% are Roman Catholic and 40% Protestant with the remaining people having Mayan beliefs.

Life expectancy: 67 (male) 74 (female)

Infant mortality rate: 28 per 1,000 births

Under age five mortality rate: 45 per 1,000 (compare to 7 in the US; 3-4 in most Western European countries)

Primary causes of mortality for children ages 1-5: Respiratory and diarrheal diseases

Ranking of chronic malnutrition in children: 4th highest in the world, highest in Latin America and the Caribbean

Growth Stunting: 80% in rural areas

Average height of adult Mayans: 4"6" females, 5"2" males

Percent of minimum wage needed to cover the basic food basket:  75%

Poverty rate: 70% countywide, higher in rural areas

* UN Development Programme and World Health Organization, 2011
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